Who We Are?

Fonepartner is an Istanbul based customer interaction center that offers customized outsourcing services in line with customer demands and needs.

Customer Relations Management, Customer Experience, Data Management and Marketing services, consulting and training services.

Your brand's success is to adopt renewed channels of interaction, reaching out to your customers and listening. For this reason Fonepartner focuses on the interaction between the brand and the customer.

We transform the knowledge gained through interaction into a powerful tool with our expertise. We transform the voice of your customer into a data that you can use to plan for the future.

By positioning itself as a partner, Fonepartner uses all its resources to create value for its customers, benefiting from the ecosystem of solution partners when necessary.

We provide customized, fast and quality solutions for your exact needs.
We work for you with our expert team.
We design innovative products with our current technology.
Cost Advantage
We create more added-value than our cost.