Why call center should be approached ?

Call centers are the most preferred platforms for communication between brand and customers. By leading the phone, the number of channels selected for contact continues to rise in parallel with developing technology. However, every 1 of 3 calls from outside channels ends up on the phone. %15 of the calls that starts with the phone requires calling the customer.

Your customers who have contacted with your call center can be defined as active customers and others can be defined in passive status. The call center experience of your active customers becomes the moment of decision to continue with your brand. The experience of active customers spreads quickly by viral, internet and social media channels and it has an impact on the change of your total customer experience score. This can lead to a higher total customer experience score, if a positive change can be made in the experience of the customer group.

Answer Rate, Service Level, Average Interview Time, Productivity, Speech Quality, Complaint Rate, Examination are the most used parameters for auditing in a call center operation receiving incoming calls. In this method which we can define as classical approach;

• The service quality measurement is employee-focused.

• Auditee / Actual service rate is low.

• The irregularity of the audit period delays and prevents the action being taken.

• Realizing the control of the service which is provided by the service provider also involves risks for objective and reliable results.

• While the measurement parameters are limited at the agent level and allow action, they are immovable for overall development.

• The method and results are far from being linked with customer experience, loyalty and brand value.

While call center activities are determinative on customer experience, it is critically important to move outputs beyond the production statistics. The development should be aimed with the outputs that can be used as input in the brand process and the created change must be measured. This innovative approach also requires following the parameters First Call Resolution-FRS, Net Promoter Score-NPS, Full Time Equivalent-FTE, Cost Per Contact-CPC. With this method;

• The same parameters are used for analysis at the overall and agent level.

• Auditee / Actual service rate is at least 10 times higher than the conventional method.

• Reliable and accurate data is produced from the hot customer experience during daily periods.

• The results give the answer of the question ‘How?’ and create insight.

• General and personalized simultaneous action can be taken. Development and change are fast.

• Results can be referenced for customer experience, loyalty and brand value.