Behavioral Performance System

Today, many brands are getting outsourcing service by focusing the main business line. The outsource nature requires efficient use of all resources and low cost. The competitive environment suggests that the use of this model, defined as outsourcing in literature, will increase further. The rapidly growing call centers all over the world and in our country have turned into one of the most important players of this model.

The brand want its call center employees to produce solutions by evaluating from the point of them, while they are producing services. The quality of the provided service should meet customer expectations and provide continuity. Meeting this expectation is difficult in an environment where the resources are limited and their efficiently usage is required. For the solution, the attitude and behavior and communication skill of the employee are usually determinant. At this stage, the performance of the employee is critical in meeting expectations and achieving the desired results.

If we look from the viewpoint of the employees, the different cultures and expectations of the organisation and brand causes a complicated identity problematic. A performance system which distinguishes the employees and which is able to compensate these differences, comes as a basic necessity. This performance system should be designed in such a way as measuring the 4 main parameters from the priorities;

• Corporate Culture

• Brand Loyalty

• Customer Experience

• Productivity

While customer experience and productivity can be measured by mathematical methods, measuring corporate culture and brand loyalty requires a different method. For these two parameters, the attitudes and behaviors of employees are determinant. The expected behavior pattern which is shared with employees is expected as an action item.

Effective use of the performance system can be provided by adhering to following principles.

• It is measured monthly.

• Employee starts neutral (0).

• Positive behavior is scored positive, negative one is scored negative.

• Positive or negative behavior is documented and archived.

• Instant feedback is given for all behaviors.

• Beginning from the first manager who is affiliated, the whole management team is evaluated.