Big Data and Customer Experience

Big data refers to millions of products and the interactions, compatibilities, the processing decisive features and transfers of these products. This is described by (5V) five components.

• Variety: Renewed technology constantly produces different formats and non-structural data. It is emergent necessity that Non Unicode data in different languages’ being transformed and integrated into one another.

• Velocity: Data production speed is very high and constantly increasing. Fastly reproducing data also increases the number and variety of transactions at the same rate

• Volume: According to statistics, the amount of data which will be reached in 2020 will be 44 times more than the amount of data reached in 2010. How data archiving, processing, integration, storage and other technologies will deal with a volume of this size is needed to be devised. In the early years of 2010, total IT spending in the world is increased by 5% per year, while the amount of produced data is increased by 40%.

• Verification: Data density creates the obligation to ensure that the data flow is secure, confidential and traceable from the right layer.

• Value: Most importantly, the produced and processed data must be on the value-creating quality for the organization. It should be avalible and ready for the decision-making processes.

Big data will enable us to interact with devices that we use in everyday life in near future. Phones, tablets and computers will work with voice commands. Applications running on these devices will also process in the same way. We will fulfill our needs such as shopping, holiday organizations, flight tickets with voice commands.

If we need support, we will complete our transaction with virtual robots in the contact centers that we will contact by phone. Not only us, but all devices and object that we use and we have at home will be communicated online (loT) with each other and the outside world.

In sum, the digital media represented by 1 and 0 will be integrated with the V (Voice) parameter. The benefits of voice life will deeply effect all markets and necessity of reconsideration the customer experience will emerge.