Call Center Performance Management

The management principle is dominated by the data production and the analysis of these data in the call centers. The work load and the presence of a large number of employees make this necessary and the performance system for management is inevitable.

It is expected that all employees will move with the same sensitivities during the handling and processing of the requests coming from different channels, and during the producing solutions and implementation of them. In addition to this, the priority is usually productivity. The greatest risk in productivity-focused performance structures is fluctuations in service quality and lack of continuity in customer experience.

The right performance system should be operated to create a behaviorally-focused service for customer experience while being financially productive. This performance system should evaluate call center employees and management team within the context of Corporate Culture, Brand Loyalty, Customer Experience, and Productivity.

By designing the expected behavioral models for corporate culture and brand loyalty, we make it measurable with our methodology named STAR. Following the customer’s touch, we reduce the service channel (phone, e-mail, chat, social media) to the employee level by measuring the experience with special methods. We are currently adding productivity with the produced data at your call center.

You can redesign your call center with our well acceptable by employees, fair and workable performance system solution.