Making Appointments

Ineffective negotiations and the canceled appointments in free-work model of fieldwork teams reduce the sales and revenues by a certain amount. Providing maximum benefit from the field sales function requires a pre-organized agenda and spending all the time on selling.

We are creating an increase in performance by organizing an appointment for field teams whose main competency are sales. In this context, depending on the consumption habits, we contact to your customers and get the information of appointment date, its starting and ending time and customer’s convenience for scope. If suitable, details and preliminary requests are determined. The meeting call is diverted to your customer for registering on his agenda. Appointments are converted to daily routes as it will be spent minimum time on the road.

The fact that the sales team does not waste time creating an appointment and the work on the planned route increases the productivity, while preparing for appointments creates the necessary environment for a successful interview.

On the sectorally segmeted database that we prepared, we also grow your portfolio by identifying potential corporate customers who may need your products and services on the market where you operate.